Medical Syringe Infusion Pump

Medical Syringe Infusion Pump

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The Zeta is an integrated Syringe Micro Infusion System comprising a computerized infusion pump with various sensors. The system utilizes a microprocessor to retain correct infusion rates and activate alarm when fluid flow varies from the set rate. The pumps contain a pump assembly, which holds the syringe and infuses fluid to the patient at set rate. If the actual Syringe rate differs from the set rate by more than 1%, the pump stops infusion.

Key Features :

  • Front loading of syringe
  • Auto detection of syringe
  • Works with standard and widely used brands of syringe
  • Example Dispovan, BD Precise, Plastipak, BBRAUN Perfusor, Romson, SISCO etc.
  • Option to add customized and store brands up to 20 nos.
  • Syringe Capacity : 5 to 1000 ml/hr
  • Flow rate range : 0.1 to 2000 ml/hr
  • Drug Library: 64 drugs (User editable)
  • Various mode of infusion
  • Rate Mode
  • Volume Target Mode
  • Volume Time Mode
  • Body weight Mode (Anesthesia Mode)

Does units

  • mcg, mcg/min, mcg/hr, mcg/kg/min, mcg/kg/hr
  • mg, mg/min, mg/hr, mg/kg/min and mg/kg/h

User selectable bolus volume and bolus rate

  • Anti bolus facility
  • Anti Siphon facility
  • Purge facility
  • Touch screen Keypad
  • Graphics LCD display
  • Mounting device for both vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Mechanical Stackability (Interlocking)
  • Electrical stacking up to 8 units
  • Long rechargeable battery backup
  • Keypad locking (user settable)